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Post, Digital & Visual Effects Rebate

Screen NSW's Post, Digital and Visual Effects Rebate supports companies and practitioners carrying out PDV work in NSW.

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Post, Digital & Visual Effects Rebate

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The NSW Government offers a 10% rebate of qualifying expenditure on Post, Digital & Visual Effects (PDV) work carried out in NSW on or later than 1 October 2019 (“the Rebate”).

To be eligible, projects must be registered with Screen NSW. Only work undertaken after the date of registration will count as qualifying NSW PDV Expenditure. 

The Rebate complements the Australian Government’s PDV, Producer and Location Offsets, and Location Incentive. It may be stacked with any of those incentives. These guidelines should be read in conjunction with the Australian Government’s guidelines and glossary for the PDV Offset.

The Rebate is administered by Screen NSW, within the State’s arts, screen and culture agency, Create NSW, under the financial auspices of the Department of Enterprise, Investment and Trade (DEIT).

Key information

  • Funding amount: From $50,000
  • Applications opened: 16 December 2019
  • Applications close for FY23/24: 30 June 2024

Program objectives

The objectives of the program are:

  • To grow the State’s reputation as a leading and globally competitive screen production and PDV centre, known for its innovation and excellence
  • To increase business activity for the NSW PDV sector
  • To promote investment in infrastructure, skills development, and jobs of the future
  • To attract footloose PDV projects to NSW (projects that have a post‐production, digital effects or VFX destination alternative).

Contact & support

Anna Cho
Manager Strategy, PDV and Digital Games
[email protected] 


Assessment process

The Rebate is non‐discretionary, subject to availability of Rebate funds. Assessment following application is limited to establishing eligibility, identifying the level of qualifying NSW PDV expenditure and determining the anticipated Rebate amount.

Assessments are made by  the Manager Strategy, PDV & Digital Games based on the application meeting program guidelines, with approval from the Head of Screen.

We endeavour to notify applicants on the outcome of their application within 6-8 weeks, subject to all required information being provided.     

Award process

After an assessment of eligibility, Screen NSW will provide a Letter of Offer based on the information and projected expenditure presented in the application.

The Letter of Offer will set out the qualifying NSW PDV expenditure amount that the applicant will be required to substantiate at acquittal, subject to the permitted variation set out in Variations below.


If the qualifying NSW PDV expenditure advised at the time of application varies by more than 10% or $5 million, the applicant must request a variation to the Letter of Offer. All requests must be made in writing to Screen NSW within 15 business days of the change. Variation requests will be subject to availability of Rebate funds.

Where the final qualifying NSW PDV expenditure is less than the amount advised at application, pro‐rata payments will only be processed if the minimum NSW spend threshold of AU$500,000 has been achieved.

Applications need to include

Applicants are required to complete an application form and submit requested information, which will include the PDV budget for NSW and quotes from NSW PDV suppliers.

An applicant must submit an application with Screen NSW prior to the commencement of any PDV work for which the Rebate will be sought. If PDV work has already commenced on the project, only work carried out on or after the date of application will be eligible for the Rebate.

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