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Post, Digital & Visual Effects Rebate

Screen NSW's Post, Digital and Visual Effects Rebate supports companies and practitioners carrying out PDV work in NSW.

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Post, Digital & Visual Effects Rebate

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The NSW Government offers a 10% rebate of qualifying expenditure on Post, Digital & Visual Effects (PDV) work carried out in NSW on or later than 1 October 2019 (“the Rebate”).

To be eligible, projects must be registered with Screen NSW. Only work undertaken after the date of registration will count as qualifying NSW PDV Expenditure. 

The Rebate complements the Australian Government’s PDV, Producer and Location Offsets, and Location Incentive. It may be stacked with any of those incentives. These guidelines should be read in conjunction with the Australian Government’s guidelines and glossary for the PDV Offset:

The Rebate is administered by Screen NSW, within the State’s arts, screen and culture agency, Create NSW.

Program objectives

The objectives of the program are:

  • To grow the State’s reputation as a leading and globally competitive screen production and PDV centre, known for its innovation and excellence
  • To increase business activity for the NSW PDV sector
  • To promote investment in infrastructure, skills development, and jobs of the future
  • To attract footloose PDV projects to NSW (projects that have a post‐production, digital effects or VFX destination alternative).

Contact & support

Anna Cho
Manager Strategy, PDV and Digital Games
[email protected] 


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