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Media release27 - Apr - 2023

New initiative to address skill shortages in NSW screen industry

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Photo John Platt

The NSW Government has today unveiled a new $400,000 initiative aimed at addressing skill shortages in the NSW screen industry. Crew Connects will fund the placement of emerging crew members who are looking to upskill and advance their careers into roles with screen businesses offering the relevant development opportunities.


Minister for the Arts John Graham said the placement program is an important step towards building capacity for the NSW screen industry in the highly-skilled technical roles needed to meet the ever growing production demand across the state.


“Amongst our creative industries, the NSW screen industry is thriving, and to keep up with the rapid pace of production we need to ensure our local workforce has the necessary skills to meet the demand,” Mr Graham said.


“This investment in industry-ready training is a critical investment in people supporting the pipeline of local production. This ensures our booming local screen industry is attractive for the global industry, creating more jobs.”


Head of Screen NSW Kyas Hepworth said the program is an important step towards promoting greater diversity and inclusiveness in the NSW screen industry.


“Screen NSW is focused on building the industry’s capacity and promoting greater diversity and equality in the industry. This funding advances both priorities by providing inclusive opportunities for emerging screen professionals to develop their skills in vital below-the-line roles,” Ms Hepworth said.


Crew Connects will provide up to $400,000 funding through Screen NSW for established production, post-production, VFX, and animation companies to employ early to mid-career professional practitioners in an area of demonstrable industry demand within the company or on a production. Placements for up to a maximum of six months will provide the practitioner with a credit and valuable hands-on industry experience.


Screen businesses and early to mid-career crew members interested in Crew Connects can apply at screen.nsw.gov.au.


MEDIA: Grace Cramer | Minister Graham | 0475 753 598


Photo credit: John Platt, behind the scenes of Total Control.