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Media release01 - Mar - 2024

Short to Feature Fast Track returns for second year

Behind The Scenes on Luna And The Brain Tuna shot on Stage 7 at Disney Studios. L R Lucca Barone Peters Leah Purcell. Photo

Behind The Scenes on Luna And The Brain Tuna shot on Stage 7 at Disney Studios. L R Lucca Barone Peters Leah Purcell. Photo Credit Ravyna Jassani

Emerging to mid-level NSW creatives will be on the path to success with the announcement of the return of the Screen NSW Short to Feature Fast Track initiative.

The initiative will provide up to five creative teams in 2024 with fresh voices an opportunity to develop a short film or proof of concept production, and to further develop the concept into a low-budget feature film. This is an increase in support from three creative teams in 2023.

The initiative will also give creative teams the opportunity to build their networks and relationships with experienced practitioners, as well as industry professionals from the distribution sector. The initiative will also assist in honing craft skills for both above the line and below the line practitioners through funding short film production.

Successful teams will be allocated an experienced, NSW-based Executive Producer by Screen NSW to provide guidance across both production of the short film and script development. Returning this year as an assessor is market expert Marc Wooldridge, Founder and Managing Director for Maslow Entertainment, the distribution company behind local breakout hit film Talk To Me.

The formats can include live action and animation for both the short/proof of concept and feature. All drama genres are eligible. There is no restriction on subject matter or style, but Screen NSW is looking for scripts that are compelling, distinctive and have a strong sense of their audience.

Applications for Stage 1 close Thursday 28 March 2024.

For more information and to apply, visit the Screen NSW website here.

Head of Screen NSW Kyas Hepworth said:

“Short films are a fantastic way for creatives to hone their skills and show their perspective of the world and can be used as a calling card to advance feature projects.

“Not only does this initiative provide NSW screen practitioners with funding to support this vital development process, but this initiative also assists in strengthening the networks between emerging talent and industry professionals who can provide expertise and vital insights as these creative teams take the next step in their careers.

“There was a high level of interest when this initiative was announced last year, and Screen NSW is looking forward to supporting the next cohort of storytellers with new voices in NSW.”

Short to Feature Fast Track 2023 recipient Aaron Lucas recently completed shooting on short film Luna & the Brain Tuna and is now in development on feature film Luna. As part of the initiative, he was paired with Executive Producer Timothy White from Southern Light Films.

Aaron Lucas said:

“We saw the Fast Track initiative as a great fit for our project. It has brought me closer to making a film that I really love and has connected us with industry players who can help us get there.

“We’ve been working alongside our brilliant script editor Megan Simpson Huberman, who we were able to engage thanks to this initiative, and executive producer Timothy White.

They have both heard our ambitions for the project and have given us great guidance on how to get there. Timothy has a wealth of knowledge, and it’s been really valuable to have his opinion on who he sees as the right market partners for this project, and how and when we should approach them.

“We loved having the opportunity to create a proof of concept that could give a taste of what the feature might feel like and create more interest around the project. We’re excited to see what the future holds!”