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Media release02 - Mar - 2023

Screen NSW Announces Short to Feature Fast Track Initiative

CROSSBOW Directed by David Michod Credit Greig Fraser

Screen NSW has announced an initiative that will provide up to three teams with an opportunity to develop a short film or proof of concept production, and to further develop the concept into a low-budget feature film.

The Short Film to Feature Fast Track initiative is for emerging to mid-level NSW creative teams with fresh voices to have an opportunity to create a short film or proof of concept alongside script development funding on a feature film to accelerate the project towards financing and production.

The feature film script does not have to be the same story or a long version of the short film but should be connected, for example, by creative voice, genre, tone, or stylistic approach.

The formats can include live action and animation for both the short/proof of concept and feature. All drama genres are eligible. There is no restriction on subject matter or style, but Screen NSW is looking for scripts that are compelling, distinctive and have a strong sense of their audience.

Head of Screen NSW Kyas Hepworth said the initiative will identify and track fresh NSW filmmaking talent and invest in developing and establishing their strong and distinctive creative voices.

“The Feature Fast Track Initiative will enable successful teams to take the next step in their career. A short film or proof of concept was pivotal for moving into the feature film space for NSW creatives such as Mirrah Foulkes, Warwick Thornton and David Michôd, and we are excited to support a fresh set of NSW voices,” Ms Hepworth said.

The initiative will build networks and relationships between emerging to mid-level creative teams and experienced practitioners, as well as with experienced industry professionals from the distribution sector to develop the teams’ understanding and awareness of the intended audience. The initiative will also assist in honing craft skills for both above the line and below the line practitioners through funding short film production.

The short film or proof of concept and feature film are to be produced and post-produced entirely in NSW.

Successful teams will be allocated an experienced, NSW-based Executive Producer (EP) by Screen NSW to provide guidance across both production of the short film and script development. The selected EP will be reflective of the creative voice, genre, tone and/or stylistic approach of the short/ proof of concept and feature film.

The application process consists of two stages. Applications will be assessed by a combination of Screen NSW and an industry professional from the film distributor sector and a shortlist will be compiled. Screen NSW will then interview shortlisted teams.

The Short Film to Feature Fast Track initiative will open Monday 20 March and the closing date for Stage 1 is Friday April 27.

NANA, Directed by Warwick Thornton. Credit: Supplied by Scarlett Pictures Pty Ltd)

CROSSBOW, Directed by David Michod. Credit: Greig Fraser