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18 - Mar - 2024

Screen NSW announces the 2024 Emerging Producer Placement recipients

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The Emerging Producer Placement program provides emerging producers with a unique opportunity to gain experience through a customised paid internship with a NSW screen production company, in addition to working with Screen NSW Sector Investment team.

The 2024 Screen NSW Emerging Producer Placements are Zaina Ahmed, Zac Garred and Olivia Olley. Olivia has commenced her placement with Screen NSW, with Zaina and Zac to join the team over the coming weeks.

Screen NSW’s Emerging Producer Placement is targeted at emerging producers living in NSW from underrepresented backgrounds that have at least one credit as a producer on a short film or web series.

As well as providing the opportunity for emerging producers to gain fast-tracked experience with Screen NSW and local production companies, the program supports the employment and development of sustainable career pathways for NSW-based screen producers and contributes to the growth of the NSW screen industry.

Learn more about the placement here.

Image: L-R: Zaina Ahmed, Zac Garred and Olivia Olley.