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If you're an international screen practitioner wanting to produce something in NSW and wondering where to go next, Screen NSW is here to help.

I want to make something in NSW - what do I need to know?  

Looking for the legal knowledge and logistics of making your project in NSW? Start with our Permits and Protocols page, which covers licenses, government protocols, permit contacts and NSW's Film Friendly guidelines.

Interested in NSW locations? Check out our Locations page and our Locations Scouts and Inbounds Program for help with location scouting. 

Our Made in NSW funding program is available for footloose feature films and television drama programs, if you're an international producer looking to fund a major project. Our Made in NSW production incentive is also stackable with Australian federal incentives, more info here

If you'd like to do your post-production in NSW, you might be interested in our Post, Digital & Visual Effects Rebate.

I want to make something with First Nations content or on First Nations land - where should I start?

Read through our First Nations Resources and Guidelines page for information on depicting Indigenous stories and filming on Indigenous land.