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Terms of Trade

Effective Date: 21 March 2024

Download the Terms of Trade here. 

These Terms of Trade contain the core terms on which Screen NSW will transact its business.

The Terms of Trade apply to all Screen NSW funding and incentives and programs, and audience and industry support, except for the following incentives:

Current funding programs can be viewed here: Funding & Support.

If a project is an Official Treaty Coproduction, the Terms of Trade apply only to the Australian producer, and only to the Australian components of budget and revenue.

Screen NSW’s Terms of Trade generally align with Screen Australia’s Terms of Trade. Screen Australia is the federal government agency which supports screen development, production and promotion.

Funding applications to Screen NSW (except for any of the 5 incentives and programs listed above) must comply with these Terms of Trade and the relevant Program Guidelines, which may contain additional eligibility requirements and assessment criteria.